sunt lacrimae rerum
Oh, the wonders of deviantart


Ever notice how searching “Inspector Gadget” on deviantart turns up a bunch of weird shit? Yeah, well it does. And guess what wonderful thing I found today, in addition to the sick Penny lolicon I had to ghost last time? Inspector Gadget yaoi mpreg. Not even joking. I would laugh, but they were serious. Why. Just why. You people are sick. Geeze. That’s, that’s just weird, okay? I’ve seen mpreg and lots of other shit like that before, but for some reason it’s just especially disturbing when you find it of cartoons like that, you know? I mean, you just want to see some normal, non-creepy fanart, maybe see a few badass ones. But no. I guess that show just attracts those sorts of people. So not only is the Inspector Gadget tag on tumblr not safe, but neither is a deviantart search with the filters on. Remind me never to google; I can only imagine the sort of stuff that would turn up then. 

What really gets me is why they would even choose this character as the object of their perversion; I mean, it’s not even an animu character or a character from an adult cartoon. It’s just an old 80’s cartoon. 

Please, keep it in your y!gallery or hentai foundry or all the other websites designed specifically for you sickos. Don’t stick it out in the open where some unsuspecting person can find it. Geeze. 

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